Tuesday, March 21
- Bazaar Workshop, 9:30am at Northminster (Commumity Room)
- Bible Study, 10:30am at Northminster
- Girl Scouts,
5:30pm at Northminster
- Bible Study: Dysfunctional Devotionals Study Political Science?,
6:30pm at Jim and Cherie Lamborn's House
- Session, 7pm at Northminster

Wednesday, March 22
- Bell Choir Rehearsal, 6pm at Northminster
- Choir Rehearsal,
7:15pm at Northminster

Sunday, March 26
- Worship, 10am: Communion
- Adult Forum: Lenten Study, After worship at Northminster

Welcome to Northminster Presbyterian Church's website. Thank you for visiting! Please remember how much you are loved by God. We strive to demonstrate the love of God here. Even though we falter we rely on God's grace to help us continue to live faithfully under Grace. We'd love for you to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10am so that we can have the opportunity to meet you in person.

Our Vision for Northminster is that we we will develop disciples of
Jesus Christ and learn how to follow the way of Jesus.

We are a Presbyterian Church USA congregation in Central Ohio who seeks to serve God by: rejoicing together in worship and communal life, renewing lives through dedication to the overflowing grace of God, and reaching out in the name of God's mercy and forgiveness to help inform and remind people about the ever abundant love God has for humanity. Our church seeks to work towards these ends in Worship, Christian Education, Fellowship, and Mission work.

We are a Covenant Network Church. To find out what that means visit this site: http://www.covenantnetwork.org/home.htm

We seek to provide a worship experience that satisfies members and other members of the community. We choose to live our faith through opportunities and activities internally and externally, remaining faithful to the changing needs of our world. We wish to consistently provide support and comfort to all friends and members of the congregation through assistance, prayer, and communication. By providing group and individual opportunities for spiritual growth and expression, we nurture personal growth and faith. We develop and train lay and professional leaders to assure consistent Christian leadership.

.......CAFE (Coffee and Fellowship Express)
.....Worship and Church School
.....CAFE & Children’s Choir/Bell Rehearsal
......Adult Forum