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Session voted to approve a policy that if there is a Level 2 or Level 3 snow emergency all Northminster Presbyterian activities for that day will be cancelled. 

If a Level 1 snow emergency then discussion with Session members the evening prior to a worship service will seek consensus on whether to hold a service.

If there has been a significant snowfall and you suspect services or activities may be cancelled then you can find out one of many ways.

1) Watch for cancellations on local television stations. We report closings to FOX45, ABC22, WDTN2(NBC), and WHIO7-CBS. Typically the closing will be reported the evening prior to an event. All of the reporting passwords and ids are up to date as of January 2019 so you can watch any of these stations to learn about closings.

2) Call the church phone and listen to the voicemail message. The greeting will be changed by 7am the morning of the service or activity when there is a cancellation.

3) Visit the Facebook page of the

4) Check your email-a Mail Chimp email blast will be sent notifying you of the cancellation of worship or church activity. It will be sent by 7AM (at the latest) the morning of the service or activity.

Thank you for your help and patience as we establish these new practices.  I do so in the hopes of making information clearer and more easily accessible for future cancellation of worship services or church events.

If you are the moderator, circle leader, event coordinator, or in charge of a particular event or group and you would like to use the above methods of providing cancellation information, I ask you to contact me as soon as you are aware of the cancellation of the event in question so that people are able to be informed no fewer than 3 hours prior to the event.