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Do you have questions about your faith that you’ve been afraid to ask?
Do you have doubts about what you’ve always been taught about Christianity?
Do you have trouble believing everything you read in the Bible?
Perhaps you are a Presbyterian and just don’t know it!
Come and join us for worship as a series of sermons explore these subjects.
You Might Be A Presbyterian If . . .
• You believe your mind is a gift from God and needs to be developed
• You take the Bible very seriously but do not interpret it literally
• You understand that God calls women as well as men to ministry
• You believe Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Christians can still worship together and respect each other’s positions
• You disagree with what many claim to be the only “Christian” position on social issues
• You believe you do not need to do anything to “earn” God’s love and salvation
• You understand that the Bible speaks with a variety of voices, which sometimes contradict each other
• You believe God’s love reaches beyond the “Christian” community
• You believe Christians can disagree on matters of faith and still be part of the church
• You believe God loves all people regardless of race, gender, class, or sexual orientation
• You believe that diversity is a gift from God and needs to be celebrated
• You are looking for a faith where you are encouraged to wrestle with your questions and doubts
• You understand that God is sovereign and Jesus Christ is Lord
• You understand that you do not need to be saved, because you were saved 2,000 years ago.

-Rev. Richard T. Smith
First Presbyterian Church
Ashland , Kentucky